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FAD Prevention & Preparedness
NPB, Customs and Border Protection Collaborate to Keep ASF Out of the U.S.

CBP's Beagle Brigade identifies smuggled pork products in international air travelers' luggage. African swine fever is unique because it can survive in undercooked, dried or frozen pork.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
Producers Face New ASF Threat Close to Home

ASF confirmation in the Dominican Republic brings the devastating disease within 1,000 miles of the U.S. border. This new reality check puts foreign animal disease prevention and preparedness even more front and center.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
5 Ways to Protect Pigs and the Pork Industry from African Swine Fever

The No. 1 pork producer priority is foreign animal disease awareness, prevention and preparedness.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
African Swine Fever Confirmed in Dominican Republic

Confirmation of African swine fever in the Dominican Republic is a reminder to be diligent about foreign animal disease awareness and preparedness.

Real Pork
Eric Stonestreet Celebrated Pig Farming in 2021 Mythbusting Series

“Farmers are my people. Pig people are my people. I knew when this came across my plate that it was an opportunity to re-tether myself to where it all started for me.”

Maximize Returns
Extend Hog Facility Longevity with Quarterly and Annual Maintenance Checks

Quarterly or annual maintenance checks support hog facility longevity and can be scheduled with a change of season or pig flow schedule.

Real Pork
In-Store Research Focuses on Ground Pork Placement

National Pork Board and partners launched a Checkoff-funded research project to understand how ground pork’s placement in the meat case influence purchases.

Pork Academy
Visa Programs Available for Agriculture Labor Challenges

Labor is an issue for the pork industry with no easy solution in sight. Farms of all sizes are increasingly looking at foreign labor to help on their operations.

Real Pork
NPB Identifies Favorite Pork Dishes in Every State

We asked 100 pork eaters in each U.S. state about their favorite dishes. The results revealed how cultural connections have influenced America’s preferences for pork.

Pork Academy
Avoid These 10 Mistakes with Farm Transition Planning

Building a legacy business for future generations takes planning and preparation no matter the operation’s size or structure. It is also important to plan for life’s uncertain and unannounced moments.

Maximize Returns
Keep Hog Barns Running with 7 Monthly Tasks

Reduce downtime and costly repairs with a monthly facility maintenance strategy. Dispersing tasks across different timelines prevents them from becoming overwhelming.

Analysis: USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report – Q2 2021

Analysts shared their insights and analysis of the Q2 USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report during a webinar for pork producers hosted by the Pork Checkoff.

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