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Profit Maximizer
Pork Prices Remain Firm on Lower Y/Y Slaughter, Tight Spot Supplies

Pork market is hot and cash hog prices are near record levels, but does that warrant current fall premiums?

Profit Maximizer
Seasonal Supply Lows Pressuring Spot Market Prices

Supplies are in line with the projections from the latest hog inventory data. Market participants seem surprised by the seasonal shortfall. Hog and pork prices are firm in the near term.

Profit Maximizer
Mixed Signals in the Market as Some Items Struggle, Others Trade Firm

The cure for high prices is high prices — lack of features and ample inventory cause prices to adjust and create future opportunities.

Pork Academy
Crop Markets, Pork Export Markets, Economic Outlook

Dr. Dermot Hayes and Steve Elmore discuss the pork industry's economic outlook at World Pork Expo.

Pork Academy
Coffee Talk: Hot Topics in the Pork Industry

A leading panel of pork industry experts discussed sustainability, FAD, labor and trade at World Pork Expo.

Pork Academy
2022 Pork Academy Seminars

Pork Academy is a series of in-depth seminars hosted by the National Pork Board at World Pork Expo. Learn from top industry experts about the latest in the pork industry.

USDA Data, Climate & Weather Driving Markets 

The June webinar covered domestic weather patterns and predictions, global events in crop and livestock markets and the most recent USDA Hogs and Pigs Report.

Pork Checkoff News
NPB Elects New 2022-2023 Officers

The new NPB officers will lead the 15 producer directors that represent the 60,000 U.S. pig farmers who pay into the Pork Checkoff.

NPB Hospitality Tent Schedule at 2022 World Pork Expo

Heading to World Pork Expo? All pork producers are invited to visit NPB staff and industry colleagues at the NPB hospitality tent.

Cybersecurity Tips for Your Farm Business

Security experts are urging all farmers, including pork producers, to make cybersecurity a top priority for their businesses. This type of criminal activity continues to target America’s food industry.

Impact of the Ukraine-Russia War on the Meat and Livestock Value Chain

The Ukraine-Russia war is straining an already stressed global supply chain and increasing volatility in commodity markets.

Pork Checkoff News
Forum Delegates Adjust Pork Checkoff Rate

The mandatory Pork Checkoff rate will change to $0.35/$100 value per live animal effective Jan. 1, 2023, a 12.5% reduction.

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