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Our Mission: Make Pork the Most Sustainable Meat

You’ve heard the buzz about sustainable agriculture. For pork production, that means doing what’s right for people, pigs, and the planet.

The National Pork Board has developed On-Farm Sustainability Reports for all pork producers to take credit for work you’re already doing on your operation.

These reports will help you measure, document and share your sustainable farm practices and give you ideas for areas to improve.

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Positioning U.S. Pork in the Global Market

Diversifying and differentiating U.S. pork in international markets is a key priority for pork producers.

Pork Checkoff-funded studies are available to explore how the U.S. can differentiate itself in key markets.

Contact our team to request a U.S. Pork differentiation report.

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Path to ProtectionTM From an FAD Outbreak

AgView is a pig-contact-tracing platform funded by the Pork Checkoff.

The platform helps promote business continuity in case of a foreign animal disease concern by providing herd health and movement data to state and federal animal health officials.

It’s easy to get started. Click below to create an AgView account today.

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$7 Billion

Value of U.S. Pork Exported

Total U.S. pork exports through November 2022 were valued at $7 billion. That equates to 2.5 million metric tons (product weight).
Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Meat Consumption Around the World

In 2021, pork was the most widely consumed protein across the globe.
Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Source: USDA-FAS

2021 Export Values Per Hog

In 2021, export value averaged $62.86 for every U.S. hog marketed in these export markets.
Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service and USMEF

More Than $62.86 Per Hog Comes From These Markets

In 2021, export value averaged $62.86 for every U.S. hog marketed. Here’s the breakdown from each country.