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Real Pork

Real Pork is a trust and image brand differentiating us from the alternatives and drives growth by celebrating everything that is authentic about pork.

Real Pork celebrates pork producers and the product they provide; it answers consumers’ call for something real in a world increasingly full of options. Real Pork comes from real farms, brings with it real stories, is full of real flavor and creates real, unforgettable moments.

Through extensive research, we have confirmed pork has significant opportunities to win with consumers. Aggregate results uncovered the truths about pork that consumers already recognize and that foundation is where we will start building paths to address existing unfavorable perceptions. That foundation is the heart of Real Pork.

Real Pork is not a campaign — it is the identity for the pork industry from farm to fork. It celebrates everything real about pork: real stories, real producers, real farms, and the real way people feel when they enjoy the authentic flavors of pork. The integrated platform celebrates pork as full of flavor, easy to use, part of a routine and good for the consumer, their family and communities.