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Common Swine Industry Audit Materials

A task force of pork industry stakeholders developed the Common Industry Audit Standard in 2013 to foster continuous improvement within the U.S. pork industry.

The audit balances three factors — scientific evidence, ethics and economics — for the swine industry to remain sustainable.

The task force shares annual revisions to the audit by reviewing aggregated audit data, new scientific discoveries, changes in the marketplace and evolving consumer trends.


There will be no revisions to the Common Swine Industry Audit materials in 2024. The current materials are PAACO certified and available for use in 2024.

2023 Summary of Changes
English / PDF

2023 Instructions, Standards, and Audit Tool
English / PDF

Corrective Action Report
English / PDF
Spanish / PDF

Interactive Audit Tool
English / XCL
Spanish / XCL

Audit Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures

The Common Industry Audit Standard allows packers and customers to verify that a pork production site is in compliance with established standards for swine care and pre-harvest pork safety.

It reduces the potential costs and administrative burdens that would be imposed if producers were required to participate in multiple, redundant audits.

These are all templates and must be customized for your farm. A general template can be used to expand your standard operating procedure manual.


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Written Euthanasia Action Plan – English / Spanish

Humane On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine Guidelines – English / Spanish

Humane On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine Training Module – English

Euthanasia Blunt force Trauma Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Euthanasia CO2 Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Euthanasia Penetrating Captive Bolt Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Animal Handling

Loading Pigs into Farrowing Rooms Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Load-Out Market Hogs Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Loading Pigs into Rooms Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Weaning Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Breeding Stock & Piglets Toolkit Template

Nursery & Finishing Pigs Toolkit Template

Piglet Processing

Tail Docking Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Castration Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Feeding and Watering

Identifying Fall-Behind Pigs and Treatment Pen Management – English / Spanish

Daily Observation

Daily Observation Record – English / Spanish

Daily Pig and Barn Care SOP Toolkit Template

Caretaker Training

Caretaker Training SOP – English

Caretaker Training SOP Toolkit Template

Treatment Management

Identifying Fall-Behind Pigs and Treatment Pen Management – English / Spanish

Treatment Management of Breeding Pigs SOP Toolkit

Treatment Management of Nursery/Finisher Pigs SOP Toolkit

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan – English

Emergency Action Plan Tool/Farm-level Crisis Plan – English

Mortality Management

Removing Dead Animals Standard Operating Procedure – English / Spanish

Audit Resources

Use this compilation of Pork Checkoff resources to prepare for an audit and review or improve your on-farm practices. All of these resources are customizable templates or references to use on your farm.


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Air Quality

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 36 – English / Spanish

Animal Care/Abuse Policy and Reporting

Animal Welfare Policies – English / Spanish

See It Stop It Poster – English / Spanish

Whistle Blower Policy – English

Animal Handling

Safe Pig Handling Tool – English

TQA Version 7 Lesson 2 Page 13-22 – English / Spanish


Biosecurity Checklist – English / Spanish

Body Condition Score

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 30 – English / Spanish

Caretaker Training

Individual Development Plan – English / Spanish

Group Training Record – English / Spanish

Individual Training Record – English / Spanish

Daily Observation Records

Daily Observation Record – English / Spanish

Emergency Backup System

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 37 – English / Spanish


PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 37 – English / Spanish

Feed/Water Access

Feeding And Water For Lactating Sow – English / Spanish

Feeding Breeding and Gestating Sow – English / Spanish

Feeder Adjustments – English / Spanish

Humane Euthanasia

Written Euthanasia Action Plan – English / Spanish

Humane On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine Guidelines – English / Spanish


Identifying, Treating, and Preventing Lameness in Sows – English / Spanish

Lesion Scoring

Shoulder Lesions in Sows – English

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 32 – English / Spanish

Needle and Sharps Usage

PQA Plus V4 Worker Safety Page 62 – English / Spanish

Pork Safety

Vet/Client/Patient Relationship – English / Spanish

Confirmation of No Medications Administered Record – English / Spanish

Site Assessments

PQA Plus Site Assessment Guide – English

Space Allowance

Sows and Space – English / Spanish

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 31 – English / Spanish

Thermal Comfort/Air Temperature

PQA Plus V4 Animal Welfare Page 36 – English / Spanish


Transport Quality Assurance – English / Spanish

Training Modules

The Common Swine Industry Audit producer training modules can be completed individually or as a complete series. Each module takes about 10 minutes and provides you with background information on the topic, what auditors will be evaluating, and then will ask you to complete exercises to confirm your knowledge. You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end.

The Euthanasia training modules are a collection of training resources designed for pork producers to help caretakers make good decisions about timely euthanasia and understand how to perform approved euthanasia methods correctly and safely when needed.

Complete Producer CSIA and Euthanasia Training

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Common Swine Industry Audit

Introduction – English / Spanish

Animal Benchmarking – English / Spanish

Caretaker Questioning – English / Spanish

Facilities and Equipment – English / Spanish

Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – English / Spanish

Medication & Treatment Records – English / Spanish

Timely Euthanasia – English / Spanish

Willful Acts of Abuse – English / Spanish

CSIA Training Modules– USB


Introduction and Overview – English / Spanish

Timely Tool – English / Spanish

Confirming Insensibility and Death – English / Spanish

Carbon Dioxide – English / Spanish

Gunshot – English / Spanish

Penetrating Captive Bolt – English / Spanish

Non-Penetrating Captive Bolt – English / Spanish

Electrocution – English / Spanish

Manual Blunt Force Trauma – English / Spanish

Dealing with Non-Ambulatory Pigs – English / Spanish

Restraint – English / Spanish

Developing A Euthanasia Action Plan – English / Spanish

On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine Training Modules – USB