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Supply Picture Remains Tight, With Demand a Wild Card After the Holiday Season

Tight supply remains despite packers ramping up slaughter ahead of the upcoming holidays.

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Fresh Pork Prices Drift Lower as Ample Chicken Supply Offsets Pork/Beef Decline

Fresh pork prices continue to be pressured lower due to increased competition from chicken breasts at retail and seasonal decline in demand.

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Strong Ham Prices Underpin Hog/Pork Prices in the Near Term

Slaughter is down almost 5% from 2019, exports to Mexico are record high, turkey prices are record high and cold storage inventory is down double digits. Expect ham prices to remain firm through the holidays this year.

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Pork Supply Growth to Remain Limited for Much of 2023

Hog breeding herd as of September 1 was estimated down from the previous quarter as well as 0.6% lower than a year ago. The pig crop through next Feb is expected to decline y/y, suggesting no supply growth through next summer.

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Fresh Pork Prices Trend Lower and Bellies Fail to Catch Up

The highest hog slaughter since early January and the increase in supply pressured pork prices lower overall, with retail product seeing the biggest impact.

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Export Demand Comes into Focus as Supplies Seasonally Increase

Pork prices are stabilizing following Labor Day weekend disruptions.

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Pork Prices Drop, Offer Feature Opportunities for Post Labor Day Needs

Due to the seasonal increase in supply, a slowdown in export sales and inventory depletion, prices collapsed far more quickly than expected.

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Pork Prices Remain Firm on Lower Y/Y Slaughter, Tight Spot Supplies

Pork market is hot and cash hog prices are near record levels, but does that warrant current fall premiums?

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Seasonal Supply Lows Pressuring Spot Market Prices

Supplies are in line with the projections from the latest hog inventory data. Market participants seem surprised by the seasonal shortfall. Hog and pork prices are firm in the near term.

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Mixed Signals in the Market as Some Items Struggle, Others Trade Firm

The cure for high prices is high prices — lack of features and ample inventory cause prices to adjust and create future opportunities.

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