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Staying connected to relevant data is more important than ever for stakeholders in the pork supply chain.

With this in mind, we consistently strive to share the latest information from our Checkoff-funded research team. Insight to Action is a monthly e-newsletter report that shares insights you can turn into action to help grow your pork business.

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Recent Issue

Higher Pork Prices Explained

April 7, 2021

COVID, high feed costs and a recovery in demand have fueled pork price inflation. Lower than expected supplies and robust demand have set the stage for the biggest jump in spring pork prices since 2014.

Last fall, we highlighted the risk for higher prices in Q1, but even our bullish projections could not foresee the runup in prices we are currently experiencing.

It is not a coincidence that prices for processing items, be it bellies, hams or pork trimmings, are currently trading almost exactly as they did seven years ago.

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Get the latest information from our Checkoff-funded research team to help grow your pork business.

HEADS UP: Change is opportunity

Objective: Make the meat case more relevant to consumers and more valuable to the supply chain than ever before.

The National Pork Board developed a position paper about meat, meat marketing, and the protein-loving consumers who expect the future now.