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Swine Health-PRRS
Project Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies as Predictors of Protection
Swine Health-PRRS
Temporal, spatial & phylogenetic analysis of PRRSV sequences
Swine Health-PRRS
Demonstration of Airborne PRRSv Inactivation by a Non-Thermal Plasma
Two of the primary goals in the National Pork Board (NPB) strategic plan call for the development and deployment of mitigation strategies capable of eliminating the top domestic swine diseases,...
Swine Health-PRRS
Improving the performance of PRRSV oral fluid diagnostics
Swine Health-PRRS
Mechanism of Antibody-Mediated Neutralization of PRRSV
One of the challenges in developing effective vaccines for PRRSV is the limited understanding of how neutralizing antibody inhibits PRRSV replication, and how variation in PRRSV leads to escape from...
Swine Health-PRRS
Epitope Inclusion: Enhancing porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv) vaccine cross-protective efficacy
Producers need better vaccines for controlling disease and spread associated with PRRSv infection. This has been an extremely different task because the face of PRRSv is constantly changing making an...
Swine Health-PRRS
Characterization of high passages of an interferon-inducing PRRSV strain
As stated in the contract, we require an industry summary of the project, suitable for immediate public release by the Board.  The purpose of the industry summary is to provide producers...
Swine Health-PRRS
Determination of the PRRSV minor glycoproteins contribution to antigenicity and protection
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) has been the most significant disease affecting swine in the U.S. for decades. Contemporary epidemiological methods rely on sequencing of...
Swine Health-PRRS
Development of a Novel Self-Propagating PRSSV-VSV G Hybrid Replicon as a Vector for Inducing Broad PRRSV Protection
Throughout successive cycles of Pork Check-off funding, our laboratories (Pattnaik’s and Osorio’s labs) have consistently produced new and fundamental information on: (i) the...
Swine Health-PRRS
Development of on-farm PRRSV surveillance guidelines for the modern pork industry
Oral fluids (OF) are a convenient surveillance sample because they (1) are easily collected by a single person; (2) can be collected frequently without stress to pigs or people; and (3) provide...
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