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Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Characterization of the Bacterial Community in Stored Swine Waste Slurry Using 16S rDNA and PCR, with Emphasis on Odor Producing and Odor Destroying Bacteria
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Manure incorporation equipment effects on odor, residue cover, and crop yield
Field experiments in undisturbed (no-till) soyabean and maize residue were conducted to evaluate six liquid swine manure application/incorporation methods. The methods were injection with a...
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Pollution control of swine manure and straw by conversion to Chaetomium cellulolyticum SCP single-cell protein feed
Swine manure has a very high pollution potential and obnoxious odor. Large farms particularly are confronted with a manure disposal problem since environmentally acceptable solutions are now required...
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