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Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Drainage Water Quality Impacts of Agricultural Management Practices: Timing of Manure Application and Use of a Winter Cereal Rye Cover Crop
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Meta-analysis of swine manure and commercial fertilizer on environmental endpoints and soil health
Swine manure is a valuable asset when applied to the soil; however, to others it is a waste material with little value compared to commercial fertilizer. Comparisons between commercial fertilizer and...
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Swine Manure Nutrient Fate and Pathogen Reduction for Midwestern Corn Production with Cover Crop Utilization
Recently the Midwestern US has seen a push has seen a movement to improve water quality for waters eventually reaching the Gulf of Mexico; this is in an effort to reduce the hypoxic zone. Cover...
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Influence of the Method and Timing of the Land Application of Manure on the Fate and Transport of Manure Constituents in Soil
Through land application multiple manure constituents are introduced to soil. These constituents include nutrients, organic matter, and contaminants such as antimicrobials and antimicrobial...
Environment - Manure Storage / Application
Recovery of phosphorus and fine particles as fertilizer from swine manure by electrocoagulation
Pork production is one of the most important agricultural activities in the United States, and 75% of the swine operations are geographically located in the Upper-Midwest. The environmental effects...
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