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Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Manure-Phosphorus in Soil: Detection and Mobility of Phytate
Annual swine effluent application in western Oklahoma for 11 consecutive years did not lead to significant accumulation of soil phosphorus. Similar trend was shown in a century-old field experiment...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Influence of corn co-products on air emissions and nutrient excretionsfrom grow-finish swine
Corn co-products are an increasingly important alternative to corn in swine diets. While there has been some research to evaluate how these co-products affect pig performance, the effect on air...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Evaluation of the effects of diet formulation method and inclusion of DDGS and phytase on manure phosphorus excretion of grow-finish pigs and on the concentration and forms of P in manure amended soil
• Formulating diets with phytase reduces the concentration of total P in the manure compared to a conventional diet by as much as 30%. • Using DDGS in the diet results in no significant...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Disposal of Swine Lagoon Sludge with Nutrient Recovery
Gasification offers many advantages for processing undesirable waste materials. Tests on gasifier emissions reveal very low levels of NOx, SOx and volatile organic carbons in the flue gas, well...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Utilization of Crystalline Amino Acids by the Gut in Growing Pigs
Conventional diets containing corn and soybean meal fed to growing pigs can be reduced in protein when a portion of the protein can be replaced by crystalline amino acids. These amino acids allow the...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Establishing Effects of application of Swine Manure on Crop Leaf Damage to Growing Crops
The use of irrigation systems to apply swine effluent and liquids from storage and holding ponds is a popular application method due to the labor savings, large volumes of liquid, and when applied...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Evaluation of Emerging Technologies in Swine Manure Management
Our findings in the project indicates that in a wean to finish system: Antibiotics may not be necessary for performance of pigs in a wean to finish system. Antibiotics modifies the micro-flora of the...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Field-scale evaluation of the value of manure on soil quality and crop production
Manure is a valuable source of nutrients and organic material for the soil. The observations that have been conducted across several studies have been completed in research plots. A study using...
Environment - Manure Storage/Application
Dietary crude protein reduction: Impact on ammonium excretion and gastro-intestinal functions in the pig
Reducing dietary crude protein concentration leads to a significant reduction in nitrogen losses in the urine, in turn reducing ammonium concentration and ammonia emission. Amino acids, the building...
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