The following seminars were hosted for attendees at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa on June 8-9.

Didn’t make it to WPX this year? Overviews of each Pork Academy session will be shared below as they are available.

Coffee Talk: Hot Topics in the Pork Industry

Sustainability. Foreign Animal Disease. Labor. Trade. There is no shortage of hot topics in the pork industry. Join the National Pork Board and a leading panel of pork industry experts as they discuss the latest issues in the industry.

Bill Even, CEO, National Pork Board — Moderator
• Dr. Sara Crawford, president, Sustainable Environmental Consultants
• Dr. Jeff Kaisand, state veterinarian, Iowa Department of Agriculture
• Victor Ochoa, managing director, SwineWorks LLC
• Dr. Steve Meyer, economist, Partners for Production Agriculture

Economic Outlook of the Pork Industry

What does international and domestic demand for crops and pork look like? How is that impacting pork prices and pork consumption?

Dr. Dermot Hayes and Steve Elmore will take part in this interactive session covering the economic outlook of the pork industry, including global trade and domestic demand for both crops and pork and share the short and long-term outlook and price forecasts.

Panel Lead – Ryan Lane, president of animal nutrition, North America, ADM
Dr. Dermot Hayes, professor economics, Iowa State University
Steve Elmore, chief economist, Corteva

Sustainability Series

What’s Coming and Why You Need to Be Ready

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword that’s going away. In fact, there are more global factors than ever before that will continue to put pressure on food producers. Join this discussion to hear the latest on what’s happening globally when it comes to sustainability and how producers and companies can stay ahead of the curve.

Presenter — Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Professor and Air Quality Specialist, UC Davis CLEAR Center

Sustainability of Modern Protein Production in Times of Global Supply Chain Uncertainty

Supply chain challenges. Labor shortages. Sustainability pressures. Market volatility. These are a few phrases we’ve all heard on the news frequently over the past several months. But how do these challenges directly impact the pork industry and your operation? Join us for a discussion with Ruth Kimmelshue, Corporate Senior Vice President leading Cargill Animal Nutrition, to hear a global perspective framed for the pork industry.

Presenter — Ruth Kimmelshue, corporate senior vice president, Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health

Decoding Carbon Markets — What Do They Mean To You?

Carbon markets are the latest buzz but what exactly are they? How do they work? What questions should you ask? Join us for an interactive discussion to hear more about what carbon markets mean and how you can leverage them in your business.

Ashley McDonald, Assistant Vice President, Sustainability, National Pork Board
Marisa Martin, Executive Director, Pollination Group

Foreign Animal Disease Series

The Alphabet Soup of Disease Response

When it comes to foreign animal diseases (FADs), do you know your SHIP from your SPS? What should you do first–SPS or AgView? Do you know if you need to become a CSSC or utilize the RABapp? Join this interactive discussion with a panel of experts that will help you understand the various acronyms, including SPS, CSSC, SHIP, AgView, and RABapp so that you can be more prepared for a foreign animal disease outbreak.

Dr. Pam Zaabel, Director, Swine Health, National Pork Board
Dr. Tyler Holck, Senior Program Coordinator, US Swine Health Improvement Plan
Dr. Anna Forseth, Director, Animal Health, National Pork Producers Council
Heidi Vittetoe, Pork Producer

Depopulation and Disposal

When it comes to preparing for an FAD outbreak in the U.S., depopulation and disposal are two of the biggest questions on producers’ minds. Hear from a panel of experts about lessons learned when it comes to emergency planning, depopulation, and disposal and how you can continue to prepare your farm.

Marguerite Tan, Director, Environmental Programs, National Pork Board
Stephanie Wisdom, Director, Animal Welfare, National Pork Board