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Public Health - Influenza
Risk assessment model to reduce bi-directional interspecies influenza transmission in an indoor hog grower unit

The purpose of this project was to produce effective risk assessment models to compare the likely effectiveness of different management and biosecurity practices and policies to prevent transmission of different influenza strains.

Public Health
Evaluation of hand hygiene procedures as interventions to decrease the risk of influenza transmission between pigs and people

This study assessed the effectiveness of four hand sanitation protocols in decreasing or removing IAV from hands of individuals handling influenza infected pigs, including hand washing with soap and water, hand washing with water only, hand sanitizing with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and wearing gloves.

Public Health - Influenza
Evaluating the impact of low-level hydrogen sulfide exposure on pathogenesis of zoonotic and endemic infectious swine diseases.
Public Health - Influenza
Adaptation of a human seasonal H3 influenza A virus to efficiently infect and replicate in the swine host
Public Health - Influenza
Evaluation of influenza dynamics in exhibition swine at jackpot shows
Pigs play a critical role in the ecology and epidemiology of influenza A viruses (IAVs) by serving as a source of novel reassortant viruses infecting humans. Agricultural fairs and livestock...
Public Health - Influenza
Continuation of evaluation of influenza dynamics in exhibition swine at jackpot shows
Public Health - Influenza
Epidemiological surveillance of influenza A viruses in pigs entering swine exhibitions
Swine play a key role in the evolution and ecology of influenza A virus (IAV) infecting humans as pigs are a host species in which reassortment of the IAV segmented genome commonly occurs. Due to the...
Public Health - Influenza
Determining viral load and persistence of influenza A in aerosols and on surfaces of swine production facilities
Although influenza A is capable of significant impacts in swine production, including the possibility of transmission between pigs and people, little is known of the exposure risks for viral...
Public Health - Influenza
Optimization of Ante mortem methods for surveillance of swine influenza infection
The objective of this research was to compare the detection of influenza virus A in nasal swabs vs. pen-based oral fluids. In addition, this study evaluated the impact of vaccination on IAV shedding...
Public Health - Influenza
Development of an epitope-based vaccine against swine influenza A virus using a non-toxic enterotoxin as the carrier-adjuvant
 Influenza A virus causes a highly contagious respiratory disease in a variety of avian and...
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