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Pork Quality
The influence of facility design and pre-sorting on the stress response and transportation losses of the market weight pig
Johnson et al. (2010) reported a 66 % reduction in transport losses in pigs raised in large pen configurations that were pre-sorted, however, the researchers could not determine if the transport loss...
Pork Quality
Selection for increased intramuscular fat and its effect on other quality traits and the fatty acid composition of pork
Long-term selection for increased lean has come at the expense of meat quality traits, namely IMF percentage, objective loin color, and eating quality traits such as flavor and off-flavor. Results...
Pork Quality
Effects of Pork Quality and Cooked Temperature on Consumer and Trained Sensory Perception of Eating Quality in Non-enhanced and Enhanced Pork Loins
The present study was conducted to evaluate the influences of fresh pork color (Minolta L*), intramuscular fat (IMF), and ultimate pH (pH), and cooked pork Warner Bratzler shear force (WBS) on...
Pork Quality
Stepwise discriminate and latent variable analysis of pre-harvest process factors influence on fresh pork quality
Pork producers have often been told that stressing pigs can not only have negative consequences on the pig’s welfare but also on the quality of pork that they generate. Removing pigs from their...
Pork Quality
Continued selection for rapid growth: Implications for pork quality
Pork Quality
The Impact Of Marbling On Consumer And Trained Taste Panel Acceptability
There is discussion within the meat industry as to whether increased marbling in fresh pork loin chops leads to increased eating satisfaction in the final product. While some believe that pork with...
Pork Quality
National Pork Quality Survey
Pork Quality
The Effect of Long Term Selection for Reduced Backfat and Increased Loin Muscle Area on Meat and Eating Quality Traits in Duroc Swine
In order to remain competitive in the future, it is important that pork producers develop a way to differentiate their product. Fresh pork quality is continuing to become increasingly important and...
Pork Quality
Proteomic Analysis of PSE Susceptible Animals
With the advent of molecular biology techniques it is possible to examine cellular events that cause problems in the quality of the meat. One such technique is called proteomics. The rationale for...
Pork Quality
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