In December, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which is the leading international agricultural organization, released two important reports touching on animal agriculture – the first report notably concludes that continued efficiency is the most promising way to reduce livestock’s emissions. The second report is a roadmap for ending hunger while achieving the goal of limiting warming to 1.5°C. This second report prioritizes sustainable production growth as a primary focus. 

Sustaining Efficiency: A Continuous Journey

As I reflect on these reports from the FAO and the significant improvement U.S. pork producers have made over the last six decades, our industry and the international entity share a focus: sustainable production. Continuous improvement is the foundation of sustainability – it is a journey, NOT a destination. This journey is not smoothly paved; instead, it is paved with intention to recognize success of the past (the rearview mirror) and, in greater part, proactively focus on the future (the windshield). 

Principles In Action

Data clearly demonstrates that U.S. pork producers have long been on the journey of continuous improvement through efficiency. Using the formula of Principles x Practices x Proof = Public Trust, they have clearly shown their dedication in all six We Care Ethical Principles®.

Collaborative Proof: On-Farm Data and Partnerships

U.S pork producers developed these principles, determined the practices to track our journey through goals and metrics, and now are starting to provide the proof through on-farm data in collaboration with Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), Nestle, and Ducks Unlimited. 

The commitment in the past year to provide data on 175,000 acres and over 3 million pigs, is a testament to how U.S. producers maintain their continuous improvement commitment despite facing tough times.  In the next year, the National Pork Board will share more detailed data on what we have learned.

Unwavering Commitment to Sustainable Protein

U.S. pork producers have clearly displayed their commitment to sustainable production for decades and, as a result, are uniquely positioned to provide a nutritious sustainable protein as part of the climate and food security solution.

U.S. Pork is committed to continuing our journey to be a solution to climate through significant investments and partnerships.