Understanding Consumer Segmentation 

NPB and Illinois Pork ventured into Chicago, where diversity thrives and consumer preferences vary. NPB staff and 4 Illinois pork producers visited various supermarkets across the Chicago metropolitan area and gained firsthand insights into how pork is displayed and marketed. 

Value and Flavor 

Consumers universally seek value and flavor in their food choices. The differences lie in the understanding of the segmentation of consumer groups. 

Exploring Diverse Shopping Dynamics 

During the visits to the supermarkets, producers could see the difference in how pork can be purchased and what products are offered. At the Asian market, various cuts and offal products were seen, showing unique culinary traditions. At the high-tech conventional store, convenience was emphasized with prepackaged and pre-made pork options for families on the go. 

Partnering with Tony’s Fresh Market 

Illinois Pork has worked closely with a store group called Tony’s Fresh Market. For pork enthusiasts, this is the store to visit, with a wide selection of more than 180 pork cuts. The store is seeing a growing trend in Hispanic foods, and they are looking to expand those items as the Hispanic consumer base continues to grow. 

Embracing Opportunities 

Reflecting on the experience, the importance of adapting to evolving consumer preferences and expanding pork’s presence in households has never been clearer.