This study was undertaken to determine the effect of lime and pH on three porcine enteric coronaviruses;porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV),porcine delta coronavirus (PDCoV) and transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV).The results indicated that PDCoV was the least sensitive to lime powder. Powder lime (5 mg/2cm2surface area) was able to inactivate 4 log10of PEDV and TGEV after contact times of 30 and 5 minutes, respectively, while PDCoV was not inactivated even after 60 minutes. The survival of these viruses in 2 versions of vitamin A was studied; one coated with gelatin (protein) and the other with dextrin (carbohydrate). The survival in both versions of vitamin was similar with minor differences; PEDV survived longer than PDCoV and TGEV in the presence of both dextrin and gelatin. Survival of these three viruses in complete feed and various feed ingredients was studied at room temperature. The results revealed that PDCoVwas the most stable; it survived longer than both PEDV and TGEV. There were differences among feed ingredients as far as virus inactivation was concerned. For example, all three viruses survived longer in soybean meal and corn as compared to complete feed and other ingredients. We also studied the effect of pH change on survival of the three viruses immediately after pH adjustment and after 60 minutes. All viruses were inactivated almost immediately at basic pH (pH 10.0 -11.0) while neutral pH (7.0-7.5) showed little effect on their survivability.

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