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Investigator: James Pettigrew

North American Swine Energy System, 2nd Year

September 30, 2008

Energy is the most expensive dietary essential in pig diets, but it receives much less attention in North America than is deserved by its importance. The digestible energy (DE) and metabolizable...
Critical Review of Acidifiers

September 29, 2006

The inclusion of various organic acids or their salts to diets improves the growth performance of pigs and helps in preventing scouring and high mortality post-weaning. The beneficial effects of...
Critical Review of Functional Animal Proteins

July 26, 2006

Spray-dried plasma and immune egg products provide dramatic benefits when added to diets of young weaned pigs. Spray-dried plasma increases growth rate and resistance to enteric infection, while...
On-Farm Evaluation of Diet Acidification

March 24, 2004

Under the conditions of these experiments, lactic acid added to complex nursery diets does not improve growth performance and (or) health in weaned pigs in large groups on a commercial farm, in the presence or absence of dietary lactose.