There are approximately 20 regional PRRS projects in the United States in various stages of progress.  Each coordinator has their own approach to the challenges of mapping the region, many depending on the assistance of a certain pharmaceutical company.  The goal of this project was to develop a mapping service that will be available to coordinators who choose to participate.  The database was developed in Oracle and ArcGIS was used to develop the map.  Maps are viewed in either ArcReader or ArcGIS online.  Participating regional projects include N212MN, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well as a national PRRS incidence project involving 10 production systems with a total of approximately 300 sites and one million sows.  A common legend has been developed and is being promoted to all participating regions.  This system is available for any regional coordinator to use.  We believe it serves the needs of the industry and is a valuable resource for the National Pork Board.