RFP: Swine Health

The specific research priorities included in this RFP focus on:

  1. Monitoring and mitigating risks to swine health
  2. Responding to emerging disease
  3. Surveillance and discovery of emerging disease

The intent of the RFP is to encourage researchers to develop and submit proposals that specifically address these identified priorities, broaden awareness of funding opportunities to advance SHIC’s 2024 Plan of Work and to expand the scientific network of researchers and institutions conducting critical research on emerging swine diseases. Funding timely research is an essential component of SHIC providing project outcomes that drive action for emerging disease prevention, preparedness and mitigation.

The deadline for proposal submission is 5:00 p.m. CT on March 1, 2024.

The proposal template and instructions for completion and submission can be found here.

What Problem Does This RFP Address?

Activities of the Swine Health Information Center are guided by its annual Plan of Work detailing projects and programs to address its five strategic priorities including improving swine health information, monitoring and mitigating risks to swine health, responding to emerging disease, surveillance and discovery of emerging disease and swine disease matrices. The Plan of Work is developed through stakeholder feedback, approved by the SHIC Board of Directors and guides SHIC’s activities while remaining nimble and responsive to industry needs.

Research Priorities as Included in SHIC’s 2024 Plan of Work

1. Monitor and Mitigate Risks to Swine Health

  • CBP and high-risk product importation and traveler entry at borders.
  • Cull sow and secondary market biosecurity and disease surveillance.
  • Engineering biosecurity controls through site construction design or strategic renovation.
  • Defining spillover risks of emerging diseases from wean-to-market pigs to sow herds.

2. Respond to Emerging Disease

  • Improving diagnostic tools, understanding of pathogenesis, and interpretation of test results for porcine circovirus types 2, 3 and 4.
  • Identification of early disease outbreak warning signals from industry data.
  • Diagnostic assay development for confirming efficacy of cleaning and disinfection protocols.

3. Surveillance and Discovery of Emerging Disease

  • Population based sample types (oral fluids, processing fluids) for emerging disease testing.
  • Pan-diagnostic assay development for co-infections or identifying unknown emerging diseases.
  • Environmental sample types for emerging disease surveillance and efficacy of cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Investigate the clinical relevance and epidemiology of newly identified agents in VDL submissions associated with swine disease.


Research provides critical information and resources to help pork producers as they face emerging disease challenges in their swine herds. Research priorities and topics identified in the Plan of Work help SHIC fulfill its mission to generate new knowledge for preventing, preparing and responding to emerging swine disease threats. Through the formal request described in this document, SHIC is inviting proposal submissions to specifically address 11 of the 36 research priorities and topics published in the 2024 Plan of Work across three of SHIC’s five strategic areas. Proposals will undergo a competitive review process for value to the pork industry by a SHIC working group who will provide funding recommendations.

Proposals should clearly state the targeted priority that will be addressed through the project. Collaborative projects that include the pork industry, allied industry, academic institutions and/or public/private partnerships are highly encouraged.

Projects that demonstrate the most urgent and timeliness of completion, provide the greatest value to pork producers and show efficient use of funds will be prioritized for funding. Projects are requested to be completed within a 12-month period with justification being required if the project duration extends beyond 12 months. Projects should strive to be unique, have a high impact, and industry-wide benefit.

Funding Amount

Funding available for the SHIC 2024 Plan of Work Research Program priorities outlined on this page is $1.1M. Individual awards are anticipated to be between $50K to $150K. Budgets exceeding this range require sufficient justification.

Due Date

Proposals are due for this RFP by March 1, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. CT. All proposals should be emailed to [email protected].

Other Questions?

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Megan Niederwerder


Dr. Lisa Becton