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Biosecurity at Pig Shows

Did you know that regardless of how many pigs you care for, whether it’s a single show pig or thousands of market hogs, you are part of the pork industry?

And, just as you are responsible for keeping your show pig healthy, you share the responsibility of following biosecurity protocols to protect all pigs in the United States.

A healthy U.S. swine herd starts with raising healthy pigs at home. Raising a healthy pig includes following biosecurity at pig shows.

Champion’s Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition

The National Pork Board developed a guide for youth exhibitors of all ages and levels of experience. Download it to learn recommended biosecurity guidelines to follow on the farm and when taking pigs to fairs and exhibitions.

Biosecurity Success Depends on You

1. Establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR)

2. Get recommended vaccinations for your pigs

3. Control pests/wildlife around your pigs

4. Clean and disinfect pens and equipment regularly

5. Do not share equipment with others

6. Monitor pigs for illness/health challenges

7. Isolate animals after an exhibition

8. Clean and disinfect trailer before each use

9. Communicate quickly about any illness

Safety Tips for Before, During and After the Show

Biosecurity is a critical step to keep your pigs healthy before, during and after a pig show. Following these easy steps can keep your animals healthy and protect pigs across the country from getting sick.

Before the show: If a pig is sick, contact your veterinarian and do not attend the show. Clean and disinfect your show equipment and trailer before going to the show.

During the show: Do not share equipment with other exhibitors and monitor your pigs for any signs of illness. Report any symptoms to the on-call veterinarian for the show.

After the show: Quarantine your pigs and watch for signs of illness. Clean and disinfect your trailer and all equipment.