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Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
The effects of manure application on soil aggregation
Surface application of manure may increase the risk of phosphorus loss in runoff. Manure application, however, often results in increased soil aggregate stability with reduced runoff and erosion and,...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Slurry-application implement tine modification of soil hydraulic properties under different soil water content conditions for silt-clay loam soils
Tillage action associated with liquid slurry application systems/management practices can modify soil infiltration properties. The degree or nature of such modification will depend largely on the...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
A novel use of anaerobically digested liquid swine manure to potentially control soybean cyst nematode
Experiments were carried out in two steps to determine the effect of anaerobically digested swine manure on soybean cyst nematode (SCN) egg control. In the first step, liquid swine manure underwent...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Use of Anaerobically Digested Swine Manure as a Nitrogen Source in Corn Production
Swine (Sus scrofa) manure is an important source of N for crop production. The processing of manure in an anaerobic digester for biogas production is only a partial manure treatment process and is...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Soil microbial community composition and structure: residual effects of contrasting N fertilization of swine lagoon effluent versus ammonium nitrate
Land application of swine lagoon effluent (SLE) often changes soil pH and the concentrations of nutrients and trace metals. We hypothesize that fertilization-associated alteration in soil properties...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Evaluation of the effects of diet formulation method and inclusion of DDGS and phytase on manure phosphorus excretion of grow-finish pigs and on the concentration and forms of P in manure amended soil
A nutrient balance trial was conducted to examine the effects of adding phytase (500 FTU/kg) and 20% DDGS to corn-soybean meal based diets on DM, N, and P digestibility and excretion in grow-finish...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Factors Influencing Illinois Farmland Values
A hedonic model of Illinois farmland values is estimated using county-level cross-section time-series data. Explanatory variables include land productivity, parcel size, improvements, distances to...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Influence of tillage and liquid swine manure on productivity of a soybean-barley rotation and some properties of a fine sandy loam in Prince Edward Island
Interactions between tillage management for manure incorporation and rate of manure application may influence crop productivity and soil properties. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Soil Nutrient Dynamics from Swine Effluent Application to Common Bermudagrass Overseeded with Cool-Season Annuals
A 3-year study was conducted to investigate the major nutrient dynamics in soil receiving swine effluent as the sole source of plant nutrients for warm-season perennial bermudagrass and cool-season...
Environment - Air - Land Quality or Crop Impacts
Winter Cover Crop and Management Effects on Summer and Annual Nutrient Yields
Effluent from a swine (Sus scrofa domesticus) lagoon is often applied repeatedly to nearby fields because of logistical constraints and costs of transportation. To minimize accumulation of soil...
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