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Investing In Our Planet Every Day – Including Earth Day

This Earth Month, the pork industry is demonstrating how real data from U.S. pig farms can paint a picture of progress for farmers and the supply chain.

Partners with Purpose: NPB and Ducks Unlimited Advance Sustainability Progress

National Pork Board and Ducks Unlimited are an unlikely, yet strategic sustainability partnership helping producers identify efficiencies and opportunities on farms in a planet-friendly way.

From Farm to Market: Fueling Demand with Sustainable Pork 

The latest Pork Cares Farm Impact Report snapshot shares on-farm sustainability measurements from 2022 farm data.  

Navigating the Path to Sustainable Pork Production: A Reflection on FAO Reports

Jamie Burr, chief sustainability officer at NPB, reflects on the recent FAO reports and how U.S. pork is committed to producing sustainable products.

U.S. Pork Industry: Championing Sustainable Farming for a Better Tomorrow 

Reflecting on our strides in positioning the U.S. pork industry as a responsible, data-driven leader in global sustainability.

Trails End Farm Demonstrates How Innovation and Tradition Can Coexist

In a world of ever-evolving technology and environmental consciousness, Trails End Farm has balanced respect for tradition with a passion for innovation.

NPB Names First Chief Sustainability Officer

Jamie Burr brings 20+ years experience to help the pork industry meet sustainability goals in his new role as the Chief Sustainability Officer.

Sustainable Pork: Growing A Climate For Tomorrow

NPB has released the latest Pork Cares Snapshot Report, which reports on-farm sustainability measurements from 2021 farm data.

Decoding Carbon Markets – What Do They Mean To You?

Carbon markets are the latest buzz but what exactly are they? How do they work? What questions should you ask?

Grant: Advancing U.S. Pork Sustainability and Market Value

$20 million grant available to Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri pork producers to advance climate-smart agriculture practices.

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