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There’s a World of Flavor in Pork

A recent sensory analysis of pork demonstrates over 110 unique flavor nuances that illustrate why it embraces cross-cultural tastes and brings more plants to the plate.

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Pork Has Surprising Advantages Over Red Meat in a Planet-Friendly Diet

To qualify as sustainable, foods need to be nutrient rich, affordable, environmentally friendly, and socially acceptable. Pork checks all 4 boxes as a sustainable, high-quality protein.

Human Nutrition
Pork: The Ultimate Carrier Food for a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Did you know pork is considered the ultimate Carrier Food? 🍖 Including it in your diet can boost intake of essential nutrients like potassium, choline, and more. Dive into the latest research to learn how pork is shaping the future of nutrition.

Pork Checkoff News
Enhancing Quality and Consistency: Insights from the National Retail Benchmarking Study

The National Retail Benchmarking study aims to improve the position of pork in the market by focusing on the quality and consistency of pork, as well as various meat case metrics.

Human Nutrition
Just In: Study Shows Pork Fits in Nutritious Diet at Lower Cost

Research shows pork is a high-quality, affordable protein that feeds and nourishes people around the world.

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