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2022 Stakeholder Report

Collaborating to Build Trust and Add Value

Our 2022 stakeholder report highlights the collaborative efforts of producer leaders, the board of directors, partner organizations and NPB staff.

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2022 NPB Financial Summary

Economic Analysis of the NPB Checkoff Program

National Pork Board 2022 Highlights

The following highlights summarize the National Pork Board’s work in 2022.

  • 64 producers participated in 7 task forces

  • 18 producers from 13 states participated in Pork Leadership Institute

  • 9 producers, veterinarians and financial experts served on the Swine Health Information Center board of directors2

  • 16 industry and academic professionals served on the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence board of directors3

  • 614,000 U.S. jobs in various aspects of the pork supply chain4

  • $28 billion in gross cash receipts 4

  • $36 billion of personal income and $57 billion of gross domestic product (GDP)4

  • 66,100+ Pork Quality Assurance Plus Certifications from 37 states1

  • 29,650+ Transport Quality Assurance Certifications from 37 states1


2 Swine Health Information Center (SHIC)
3 U.S. Pork Center of Excellence
4 National Pork Producers Council, New Report Highlights U.S. Pork Industry Contributions to American Jobs and the Economy, July 2022

soybean field


In 2021, NPB released the first industry-wide sustainability report. The Checkoff-funded individual farm reports provide producers with confidential farm-level data that establishes a baseline for their social, environmental and economic sustainability. NPB sought to double the number of sustainability reports in 2022 and exceeded that goal by 80%.



2.2 million pigs

Pork Cares Farm Impact Report

Over 190 farms, 166,070 acres, representing more than 2.2 million pigs, are currently
in the program and providing on-farm data across environmental, social and
economic sustainability indicators.

Source: SEC Analysis, Aggregated January 2023 report consisting of 193 Checkoff-paying pork producers with data from the 2021 growing season and calendar year

producers in South America

International Market Development

U.S. Pork is working to gain specific, data-driven input about importer needs, trends and how U.S. pork can set itself apart from other suppliers to serve high-valued emerging markets in the Western Hemisphere. The three primary areas that were identified by a Checkoff-funded study were:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Quality, consistency and specific packaging
  3. Communication

Producer involvement is key to developing and executing the global demand strategy for U.S. pork. This engagement with international customers builds trust and credibility for the U.S. pork brand and narrative. Producer engagement yields insights for future growth and first-hand knowledge of how investments are paying off.

$7.6 Billion

Value of U.S. Pork Exported

According to the 2022 year-end data, exports of pork and pork products surpassed $7.6 billion dollars and 2.6 million metric tons. Those exports added $61.26 to the value of each hog marketed and represented 27.5% of production.

Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness

NPB and its partners in FAD preparedness are focused on protecting the pork industry by quickly identifying and containing disease through rapid contact tracing of pig movements. Enter AgView — a Pork Checkoff-funded online software platform providing real-time, producer-permissioned access to pig movement data by state and federal animal health officials for risk-based decision making on day one of an outbreak.

Through its many partnerships and tools, AgView makes it easy for pork producers to update crucial data.

  • 792 producers have organizational accounts
  • 38 Swine Animal Health Officials have accounts
  • 12,000 average movements reported in a 7-day period
  • 500,000+ movements were recorded in 2022

Key Research Addressed in 2022

  • Composting Research: NPB has funded targeted projects to assess ASF survivability in various carcass disposal methods. More than $670,000 was invested in carcass disposal research projects that evaluate multiple disposal methods for producers to employ on their farms.

  • Disinfectant: NPB funded research to assist stakeholders in understanding the effectiveness of commonly used disinfectants for barns, trailers, tires, etc. in the event of an ASF outbreak.

  • Oral Fluid Sample Evaluation: Another collection method in the event of an outbreak. Rope sampling uses a pig’s natural curiosity to efficiently collect samples.

  • Manure & Water: NPB is funding research in the U.S. and Vietnam to assess the long-term survivability of ASF within a positive farm. Research projects focus on understanding survivability of ASF in various environments to develop science-based protocols for cleaning and disinfection of farms post-outbreak, and to determine the length of downtime necessary before a farm can restock.

  • Feed: NPB supported an ongoing investigation to identify risks for ASF spread within feed and feed systems, including an investment of $143,000 for research and support for the U.S. SHIP Feed Biosecurity working group.
ground pork in the meat case

Domestic Market Development

Before the pandemic, ground pork was undervalued, underrepresented and underdeveloped.1 During the pandemic, ground meats, in general, were shining stars with ground pork experiencing nearly 20% in growth.2

The momentum is continuing today as recent data indicate 80% of consumers are satisfied with ground pork — 71% say they use it within two-to-three days of purchase.3

National Pork Board (NPB) recognizes this opportunity to continue growing ground pork’s influence with retailers. Ninety-six percent of retailers included in the Checkoff-funded Benchmarking Study carried at least one ground pork item, compared to 65% in 2018. Additionally, retailers are adding one linear foot in the fresh meat case to cater to ground pork’s growth.



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2. 210 Analytics
3. Checkoff Funded Consumer Omnibus Survey 2020, Ground Pork

Real Pork Thought Leadership

In a communications environment where information and disinformation often share the same media platforms, it’s crucial consumers and key decision makers receive credible, data-driven information about the pork industry.

NPB builds relationships with and trains advocates whose voices can help answer questions and generate thought-leading conversations about pork. They can present Checkoff-funded scientific and technical information in relevant, relatable ways for specific target audiences.

Throughout the next five years, a strategic investment of $12.5 million will address knowledge gaps and identify common ground with audiences to protect producers’ freedom to operate.

NPB Research Breakdown

Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

Research By Dollar Amounts

Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

Mythbusting Focus Group

Real Pork Mythbusting

A Pork Checkoff-funded study revealed nearly one-third of consumers had either reduced, or planned to reduce their consumption of pork because they had concerns about nutrition, safety and ethics of pig farming.1

In response to the misconceptions, NPB organized a series of focus groups in New York City to get feedback on a state-of-the-art hotel concept. After hearing about the various hotel amenities such as climate controlled building, regular access to a doctor, personalized nutrition plans, rigorous cleaning and extensive staff training, participants were shown footage of a pig farm. The hotel amenities the moderator described were modern farming practices.

1. Pork Checkoff-funded Barriers Tracking Research, Consumer Online Poll, Conducted by PSB, Wave 7, May 2021